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Sub-Domains - Can I forward these to separate Dubb landing pages?

Hi there!

I do not have a custom domain and am running a challenge next week to promote Dubb. I am trying to determine the easiest way for people to be re-directed to the landing page I made using a simple subdomain. For instance, my domain is www.videovictorychallenge.com and I want in the workbook to send them to Day 1 of the training so could I create a www.day1.videovictorychallenge.com and set up forwarding to that landing page? I only see the ability to forward one site to one location in Google Domains. Thanks so much!

Nicole Roth

Hi Nicole, does this help?
It sounds like you’re trying to forward a subdomain of the domain you have with google domains to different Dubb landing pages? You should be able to forward them anywhere - to Dubb landing pages, a Google Drive link for your workbook, a Dubb landing page with the pdf included as a CTA, etc.
Here’s their support article:

Thanks so much! I already have the main domain forwarded to my Dubb landing page but beyond that one address what do I do next? This only takes them to that first page of my landing page. I want to be able to use the domain for more than just one landing page link though. Like not just www.videovictorychallenge.com but also workbook.videovictorychallenge.com type thing. Is this a possibility? Kind of stuck and wanting to provide easily ‘rememberable’ links to my Dubb videos especially in my workbook without the ugly URLs. I hope that is making sense.

Ultimately I want to teach people how to replace ClickFunnels with Dubb but without the ability to create separate pages with various endings this may not be possible.


I think if you read carefully through the google support page I linked to earlier, you should find instructions for what you want to accomplish.

I’m so sorry to belabor this. I understand how to do both forwarding (for a domain and a sub-domain) but what I am wondering is if I can do BOTH of these at the same time. Can I have one Dubb page connected to my main domain but then create separate sub-domains to forward to other Dubb landing pages. That’s where I’m stuck. I tried to Add a Forwarding address and added the sub-domain I created but then it was asking me to replace what I already have set-up which won’t work for me.

Certainly others have run up against this. I apologize if I’m not asking in a clear manner.

Thanks so much for your help!