THUMBNAILS and Urls Hyperpersonalized automatically and social media focus

If we can Hyperpersonalize ALL Meta images, ,thumbnails AND Gifs, and url with the prospects name we are in business. Operates will be insane. (This can be done via taking inputs from a spreadsheet or a CRM)

We can get their attention from the getgo (thumbnail) by having an excellent intro IE rotating a peice of paper with the clients name. The thumbnail will be customized to let’s say 0-1 second of the video, and the video will carry on from 1 second until the end. Why? This will allow us to embed the clients name on the rotating sheet, and when the video starts the transition flips the paper or mug what ever. So it’s clean and personalized and discrete.

This will be super important for social media prospecting as the metaimage will draw the client into the game.

Pull the data from the sheets and customize their url. And that’s a game changer. Your prospect will see their name on the url, on the meta image of the url, and on the video itself.PRIOR to being clicked. When they press play they will see the object rotate and you close them.

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I like the idea like a mail merge on steroids

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Hey guys, we do already support this in a way with our personalization text feature
This information is personalized in the URL and at the top of the thumbnail image and can be personalized through any email sender.

The idea with the rotating sheet is neat. we are thinking of something like this. However it will only work for very specifically created images like the example of a sheet of paper.

Adding scalable personalization to video is something else entirely than adding it to a Thumbnail image.

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YES Darius and I’ve been out of the loop and focused on creating videos for other people and was thinking of another cool effort.

Or you can create a quick video to highlight the company you’re looking to make an impact on.


How are you, Darius? It’s such a pleasure to hear from you!

I recommend editing the thumbnail as the most straightforward and effective solution. My error, as I was probably not being sufficiently clear about my intentions! I created this real-world use case for you, which I incorporate into my website, to demonstrate what I mean (because I’ve already done it). This be done with any rotating object ie a coffee cup, piece of paper etc. Because in reality, the only thing that is hyperpersonalized is the thumbnail. Following the thumbnail, the video starts off with the next frame, an the angle where the objects writing s hidden! Easy,sneaky, intriguing and and effective!

Kindly inform me of your thoughts!

That would be a great feature!