:thought_balloon: Picture it… I’m a middle schooler and I just proudly handed my dad a report card of all A’s and one B. His response, “What’s up with the B?”

And just like that finger snap my cycle ♺ of dealing with #impostorsyndrome began.

#RealTalk, 70% of people experience impostor syndrome. So what’s your impostor type? :thinking: I promise not to judge you…

  1. The Perfectionist: My work must always be :100: or A+…
  2. The Expert: Before I start, I need in-depth, education, training, or another certification :woman_teacher:t2:
  3. The Soloist: I have to work twice as hard and do everything myself :supervillain:🏽‍♀ …
  4. The Superwoman: I have to look good while I am doing it all - wife, mom, business owner, etc :woman_superhero:
  5. The Brain: I have to be really smart and understand everything, easily👩🏼‍🎓 …

Me? Let’s just say I was all :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4:. Heck, while growing up I was my parents Google Search, YouTube, and Siri that was affectionately nicknamed “Brain”.

A pivotal aha-moment that helped me was seeing the scene between Papa Pope and Olivia on the popular TV show, Scandal (2013). I cried as the scene played out because I simultaneously thought “Ah oh, the secret is out :eyes:…” and “Thank God, I’m not alone…”

Now, what do I do? My #blackgirlmagic🧞‍♀️ powers of intuition, creativity, and improving efficiency allows me to coach women on how to release their impostor and use technology to work efficiently. #operatelikeaboss

Are you a woman #soloprenuer #entreprenuer #momprenuer?

Or maybe you have a secret :shushing_face: desire to be a coach but you are stuck in the #impostorsyndromecycle. #coacheshavecoaches – I’m not only a client, I’m the President (aka The Prosperous Woman Confidence Coach). :notes:

I know your impostor style and it’s my goal to help you be confident and effective at what you do too. #shinetheory

:tipping_hand_woman:t4: My e-Coaching allows you the freedom to send unlimited in the moment chat messages :speech_balloon: and/or short video message and receive individualized weekly coaching video responses back from me.