A Guide To A Successful Video Guest Interview

10 Tips on How To Have a Successful Guest Interview

Tip #1: Do a Guest Research

  • List relevant information about your guest speaker.
  • Include common personal details such as their expertise and current occupation.
  • Research about their company.
  • Pay attention to their recent events.

Tip #2: Create a List of Questions

  • Ask relevant questions.
  • Craft questions from your profile research.
  • Predict your guest’s answer and create a follow-up question.
  • Give some thought to selecting questions that focus on the customer’s unique needs.
  • Your goal is to highlight personality and create a story.

Tip #3: Avoid Questions That Answers Only To A ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

  • Avoid a boring question.
  • They don’t leave any room for interesting and conversational answers.
  • Give the interviewee a chance to expand on their thoughts with an open-ended question.

Tip #4: Ask Warm-Up Questions

  • start off asking simple and easy-to-answer questions.
  • Begin by asking their name, what they do, and how long have they been at their company.
  • Don’t spend too much time on Warm-Up Questions.

Tip #5: Questions Should Be Specific

  • Try to lead the interviewer to open up and share.
  • Spice your questions from ‘what’ to ‘how and vice versa.
  • This will give you a more detailed answer.

Tip #6: What Are Your Questions For?

  • Make sure your questions are tailored to the goals/strategy you want your video to accomplish.
  • Include questions that will help your guest explain what their needs are.
  • Try to dig into a deeper sense of what your guests are trying to achieve.

Tip #7: Make Your Questions Relative To Your Audience

  • Ask questions that will make the audience relate to the guest’s situation.
  • You can start by asking solutions to specific problems that your audience are having a hard time finding solutions to.
  • Your audience is just as important as your guest.

Tip #8: It’s Your Turn

  • After digging deeper into your guest’s emotions, experience, and recommended solutions, ask about how your company helped them.
  • Look for ways that will boost your company moments and let your audience realize they need you.

Tip #9: You Don’t Know?

  • If your guest answered a question that you did not understand, don’t be silent.
  • Ask for clarification or further explanation.
  • Speak for your audience. They might be puzzled just like you.

Tip #10: Make A Script, Or Not?

  • Having a plan is good but you should work in two ways.
  • Sometimes, impromptu questions work wonders.
  • You can always disregard your script if you feel like you need to dig more into one question.
  • Use your script as a guide.