A Simple Guide To Video Prospecting

What Is Video Prospecting?

  • An outreach that incorporates video.
  • Can be done through email, social media, or even text message.
  • Uses video messages as a component of customer outreach.
  • Enables you to capture a prospective customer’s attention and connect with them.

Why Should You Start Prospecting?

  • With videos, you already gain a competitive advantage.
  • Videos improve Open Rates (percentage rate at which emails are opened).
  • Videos get more replies.
  • Higher Click-through Rate (percentage rate of users who click on a specific link)
  • You get more deals.

Use Video Prospecting If You Want To:

  • Send cold outreach
  • Reconnect with a prospect
  • Leverage recent news to connect with an account
  • Prospect from one-to-many
  • Highlight a piece of marketing content

Should You Prospect B2B or B2C or B2B2C?

  • Really depends on your product or service as well as business goals.
  • Determine where you want to prospect.
  • You can do it all if you have different marketing and business objectives.

How To Make A Video Prospecting?

1. Always choose the right timing.

  • Will it be your first outreach? A follow-up? A wake-the-dead effort?
  • Determine your purpose.
  • Answer This Question: Why are you going to create a video prospecting?

2. Invest in research

  • Know your prospect.
  • Who are they? What are the things they do? What is their title?
  • Know their responsibilities, challenges, and milestones.

3. Type of video

Pick from:

  • Webcam
  • Screen Share
  • Personalized Marketing
  • Playlist

Different types of sales videos work well at different points in your workflow.

4. Write a script

You can follow this sequence:

  • Introduction: Greet them and introduce yourself
  • Value: Mention the relevance of your outreach
  • Purpose: Explain why you’re reaching out
  • Next Steps and CTA: Encourage them to book a meeting
  • Thank You: Show gratitude by thanking them for watching

5. Start recording

  • Use the best lighting available—if possible, sit near a window for natural light.
  • Get the clearest sound possible—people can forgive bad video, they rarely forgive bad audio.
  • Choose your recording location carefully—avoid clutter and distractions.

6. Make a good thumbnail

  • Entices the audience to click play.
  • A crucial part to increase your watch rate.
  • It should be something that catches your prospect’s eye.

7. Write a good copy

  • Your videos should not stand alone.
  • Mention your video in the message’s body copy.
  • Include a brief intro in your email copy before dropping in your video thumbnail.
  • Provide context about what the video’s about.

8. Don’t forget to use CTA

  • Have it both in your video and in your supporting copy.
  • You can use a plugin to add a calendar CTA so prospects can book a meeting directly from your video.