Analytics does not show video views anymore

There is something wrong with the tracking, video views are not shown anymore in Dubb. I know people see the videos, but it shows no views in the activity. In the past it always worked perfectly.
What happened? Can someone help?

Hi @stadeli apologies for the late revert. I’d like to know if this issue is resolved already. Thanks!

Hi @naobis
No change, it seems that not all video views are recorded…

Hi @stadeli Can you test this on your end if the tracking will work? You can send the video to your Gmail, and access it using an incognito browser. This should trigger all activities you will be doing in the video.

Let me know if it works

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Hi @naobis , following your instructions, it works.
But not for most of my clients in Europe.
Is there anything they may have activated, that blocks these notifications?

It is possible that your recipients may be using VPN or blockers that interfere the tracking feature.

Call phone

Call phone