Any suggested tutorial videos to maximize Dubb for higher customer clicks?

Question from a Dubb user through Facebook: I have had Dubb for about 3 weeks, haven’t done much with it yet, but today is the day. I wanna do a “walk-through” (funnel) with a series of videos that have my customers click on successive videos based on their interests and eventually wind up in my Woocommerce store on an item they would want. I also want to embed videos in my Woocommerce products. I do about 50k per week in sales and I lose about 80% of my possible sales at checkout so want to do a whole bunch of interactive stuff. What tutorials should I watch? I am in the dashboard checking off my tasks and wound up here today!

Due to the complexity of this question I highly recommend attending the live training to see how this could be done.
The account setup video included in your account is a great place to get started

Video funnels can be built using Dubb CTAs

You can embed Dubb videos using the embed codes we provide

Dubb can do everything you are looking to!


How can I find out when the live trainings are? is the signup link.

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