Automated Workflow

Question sent by a Dubb user through email. I am watching the how-to videos on setting up automation. From what I see you can only trigger a workflow by adding a tag or video watched. This here appears to say you can do it when they do not watch a video. How is that set up? Is it updated to have that as a tag now?

A couple of other questions.

When I send a video and it isn’t watched the workflow will auto-tag it not watched and put it in the not watched workflow, correct?
I can not have workflows when I use the Email Campaigns, correct?
Is there any other way to send out mass emails and get them into a workflow? (I am wanting to put my leads into a drip campaign workflow.

I’m going through the process at the moment and will have to test the process.

One thing I would like to add this question:
Is there any way to send out a video to an audience once a tag has been applied?
Much like the way an RSS feed works with podcasts or a blogpost?

My goal is to create a workflow that I can create quick and easy #TwoMinuteTips using Dubb and have them delivered to anyone that has signed up to my list.

It may need to be a feature request, What are your thoughts @darius-santos ??
Is it out of scope @rubendua

Any updates RussJohns or ynadelosreyes on your progress?

I am just starting to look into how to do this for drip campaigns as well.

Hey there @sharkey I’m continuing to test it and have a few details working now.

I’m testing the process to drop the Dubb link into Jetpack to a post on a WordPress website and have the post RSS to the email subscribers. I need to test it out a bit more, however, it’s the simplest way I have developed so far to create a Dubb directly to a list.

I’m, currently on Drip and was previously on Active Campaign and considering a return visit for the implementation of my goals.

What platform are you on currently and let’s work on a solution to solve this puzzle :slight_smile:

Have an amazing day.