Best Videos To Make For Small Business

Why Should Small Businesses Use Video?

  • Increases engagement on their digital and social channels.
  • Educates their consumers and customers.
  • Can reach their audience (new and old) with a new medium.
  • Makes selling easy.
  • Promote your brand and increase traffic to your site.

Easy Videos That Will Be Great For Small Businesses

1. Product Videos (Explainer)

  • Make it more DIY (Do it Yourself)
  • Helps explain to customers (especially the new ones) what your product or service is.

EXAMPLES: Animation videos and live-action videos.

2. Customer Testimonials

  • You might only need one or two solid ones from your customers.
  • Get an interview with your loyal customers.

TIP: Make it conversational

3. Company Story

  • One of the classic videos.
  • Tell your customers how your business started, the challenges you faced, decisions you made and solutions you provided.
  • You can start by interviewing one of your employees.

REMEMBER: Make it unique

3 Things To Remember When Creating Your First Video

  1. Tell a story.
  2. Short and simple.
  3. They are human (show emotions)

Guides On How To Get Started

  • Introduce yourself and explain what you do
  • Highlight social proof
  • Showcase your company culture
  • Share your story
  • Make it interesting
  • Start recording
  • Thank your audience