Black square when trying to record

Hi guys,

I’ve just started using my account after a coule of years and I’m trying to record a video, but this blank square is all that is coming up. Could anyone assist in what I might not be doing?

hi @markbowden Apologies for the inconvenience here. This is not the expected behavior.

I suppose that your camera and microphone access are off that’s why it’s only black screen that is being seen. Try clicking this link: chrome://settings/content to set it up then scroll down until you see Camera and Microphone settings

Click on those and make sure that your camera and mic are set to Ask before Accessing and the blue switch is toggled on

After that, you may go to Dubb Website again to start recording and you should receive a request to allow camera/microphone access then click the video icon in your Chrome bar and choose “Continue allowing…” option

Let me know if it works.

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