Call to Action Missing

Hey Team,
I noticed that many of my existing CTA’s are missing.
Did I miss a memo? Or was there a glitch in the machine?

Is there a new limit on the number we can have in our account?
Please advise,

Hi @RussJohns , we’re checking on this now. When you search for your missing CTAs on the search box, they will still appear on your account.

That happened to me also. I noticed it yesterday. Annoying to have to redo them.

Didn’t know that you could search for them. It would be nice to be able to sort the CTA’s alphabetically or to group them together by subject.

Hi Dubb Fam, we are looking into this. We’ll give an update as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience.

Hi @RussJohns and @duaineowings , can you guys please check if your CTAs are populating already?

Ok here is the problem. When I make a video or use a previous video and use the CTA and hit the Design Tab then you only see 12 CTA’s and there is no way to expand to see the other CTA’s.

When I check under Assets then I see three pages of CTA’s available. I don’t see any way to search the CTA’s on the design page.

We should be able to see all of our CTA’s when we are working on the Design Tab.

Thanks for that suggestion, @duaineowings. I’m getting this forwarded to our tech team. In the meantime, you can type the name of the CTA in the search bar. Thank you for your patience.

yeah… no duhh or dubb… interchangeable at this point… we should be able to use as many of our CTA as often as we can… I had this issue for the last 4 months with no solution…quick looking in to it and get it fixed… funny how when dubb puts out their messages, they can use as many cta as they want…

And before you think I am a disgruntled former client… I am still a client… worst customer ever…

customer service ever…