Can we change the default playback resolution?

Another user posted this question back in 2020 but there was no answer. It appears videos play at a default resolution of 360p. Is there any way to change this so the video plays at a higher resolution (by default)? Especially when I’m sharing walk through videos with spreadsheets and financial documents, the picture is difficult to read and I don’t want to rely on a user to figure out that they have to manually change the resolution.

Thanks in advance!


It’s frustrating. I’ve learned to just automatically go in every time I use my phone for a video, and reset the resolution for the video to 720 dpi. I literally do it for every video I send out.

Hey Hal - thanks for your comment! But what you’re describing doesn’t change the resolution setting for the end user (i.e. in their player) does it?

I always shoot my videos in as high a resolution as the tool will allow, but it’s that end user playback I’m concerned about. To me the player should default to the highest resolution available.

Can someone from @Dubb weigh in?

Thank you!

Hi Jason, it may show the lowest quality in the preview, but when on the video action page, we display the highest possible resolution.