Chrome Crashes only when recording Entire Screen

I sent this to someone at Dubb, but I’m not getting a response.

This issue is only happening on my laptop. Unfortunately, My Laptop is the only option I have to record my full screen and myself, at the same time. My wife’s laptop has a bad camera on it.

Here is a video describing exactly what’s going on.

I have done all the recommended corrections or fixes Dubb told me to do with no luck.

If anyone else had this issue, please let me know what you found.



Hi @teamcuellar ! Apologies for the late revert. I’d like to confirm if this issue is resolved already. Thanks!

Hello, Unfortunately, no.

I guess I will need to switch over to another platform. While I am aware it is most likely something with my computer and not Dubb, unfortunately, I can’t afford to purchase a new computer.