Create Your Own Video Email Signature With These Easy Steps

What Is A Video Email Signature?

  • A digital equivalent to a business card.
  • A video placed in the body of your email message alongside your signature that communicates more about you, your role, or what you have to offer.

Reasons Why You Need A Video Email Signature

1. A way to develop rapport

  • It sets proper expectations for how you will work together.
  • Gives them a peek at what your company culture is.
  • Provides a quick introduction.

2. You can be memorable

  • Can be the difference between winning new business.
  • Strengthens you and your brand.

3. A referral tool

  • It will be easy for a contact to share your video email signature.
  • Less likely to be misplaced like most business cards.

4. Can be your CTA

  • Whatever that message is, make it actionable, easy, and obvious.
  • It can be your ‘final say.’

What Should You Put In Your Video?

Just remember what your purpose is

  • Is it your organization’s brand? Your own personal charm? A quick overview of a complex product?

Personal Video

  • Tell a story about yourself and empathize with your viewer.
  • Talk about who you are, detail your professional responsibilities, and show off your organization.

Promo Video

  • Are you launching a new product? BIg event? Add them in your video.
  • Showcase your deals and make your customers want more.

Explainer Video

  • Explain your product or service.
  • Efficient way to get the point of your business offering across.
  • It can save your customers time and effort of navigating all the way to your site.

Demo Video

  • A great way to push deals to close.
  • Quick and concise.
  • Provides them with the information they need to make a confident leap from prospect to customer.

How Do You Make A Video Email Signature

Record your video

  • Make sure your video is personalized.
  • You don’t need expensive devices, your smartphone is already perfect.
  • One option is to do a screen recording.
  • Let your personality shine through.
  • This is an opportunity to create a human connection.
  • Keep it short. Less than one minute.

Create your thumbnail

  • This will entice your customers to click the thumbnail and watch your video.
  • You can take a screenshot of a frame in your video and resize it to thumbnail size.
  • Or create your own thumbnail from scratch.

Add the video to your signature

  • You can create it through Google Docs.
  • Copy and paste it to your email (Outlook, Apple Mail, or Gmail).
  • Start using your new video email signature.