Dubb Video In Drip

I have several campaigns that are still in drip and haven’t migrated them over to Dubb. (yet)
It appears the default width of the Drip email format is 500 and when I insert a dubb video into the email template, the formatting is off.

I know that Drip recently updated a few things and wanted to check in with the crew and see if you have any recommendations or suggestions.

Happy to test as always.
Enjoy the day

Hey Russ,

Are you able to manually manipulate the width of the video there?

Have you tried seeing what that looks like if you design and send it?

I will see if our developer can do something here.

I’ve tried everything that I know how to do Darius I’ll go back and work on it again and see if I can modify it any more that what I have now

Darius, any updates on the Pipedrive Campaign with video or optimizing Video in email for Pipedrive?

I’m working on outreach with Dubb and Pipedrive together. One last item that would make it EPIC is Dubb in the Campaigns

Gratitude for all your support,