Dubb Video Resolution vs Wistia Video Resolution

Question sent thru email support

Hey Dubb,

Currently a Wistia user. Dubb seems like a better service with many more features that we need!

Just getting to know it!

2 questions:

  • All things being the same, when I play a Wistia video vs. a Dubb video, Wistia defaults to a 1080p while Dubb defaults to 720p. No change in bandwidth or system, simply playing one player after the other. Is there a way to get Dubb to default to 1080p – as most user’s will not think to manually to change it??

  • Slightly technical: What is the command to get Dubb to sync with the JS var function. This is what we use with Wista. What is the equivalent for Dubb?

var video = document.getElementById(‘treevideo’).firstChild.wistiaApi;
video.bind(“play”, function() {

Thank you!

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Being a Wistia user from the start of wistia I’m interested in learning more as well.
May need to do an A/B compare one day?