Embed on Mojo or KVCore

Hi I am new and thinking of switching from Bomb Bomb to Dubb. I am in Real Estate, I use Mojo as my dialer which can send out automated emails and KVCore for my other CRM. Both use pretty much the same type of email editor for me to set up campaigns etc. On Mojo I have an option to add html to the email so I add a block, grab a video from dubb using the embed code, paste it into mojo in the html block, video shows up and plays in the editor but does not show up when a test email is sent out through mojo.

In KVCore I don’t have the option for enter html so I am not sure how to get a dubb video into that.

Hopefully makes sense and please let me know if you have a solution.

Thank you!

Here are a few ideas for you

  1. Try the Share and Send option to paste into KV Core or Mojo. Make sure to select the “Optimize for” option for contact-level tracking.

  2. Try the “Copy HTML” option if the video thumbnail GIF is not showing up in an email.

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Thanks Ruben, I went to a training yesterday and we figured out I was actually trying to use the embed code instead of the html code which was why it was not showing up. Once I used the html everything worked fine.

Any “best practices tips” to get click-thru’s to social or even promote on social to get people over to the landing page?

Thx again