Embeded Videos not Tracking Views / Watches

I have several videos which are embedded on to a page. After a months worth of data and also testing watching the videos myself these dont seem to be tracked as either viewed or watched.

Has anyone else experinced this or seem any topics realted to it?



In order to track videos on pages yourself, you will have to view the page in an incognito window, or in a different browser like Safari.

Also make sure your video tracking is not disabled for the video in question

Thanks Darius, I have been using incognito mode as well as testing on a completely separate computer that isnt and has never logged into Dubb, yet still no luck.

This actually seems to be bigger than just embedded videos now as Ive been trying this directly from the URL and its still not being tracked.

I do have tracking turned on and comfirmed it is not disabled in the details section of the video.

Also when i watch it on another device or incognito mode the count doent increase?

Do you know if there a delay on this?

Videos embedded on other landing pages will track how much of the video is viewed, how many times, etc, but it will not track who watched the video.

If you are having issues tracking videos from video pages try sending it to yourself and then viewing on your mobile device connected to your mobile internet, instead of the same wifi as your computer.
Also make sure you are not logged into Dubb on the mobile device.

Different device and different internet connection.
Also sometimes you can just try a different browser, like Safari or Edge