Engaging Holiday Video Ideas

Why Use Video As A Tool For Marketing?

  • Brands now use video to connect and identify with their target audience by – creating communities, capturing the attention of potential consumers, and informing and explaining their products or services.
  • Nearly two-thirds of shoppers say online video has given them ideas and inspiration for their purchase.
  • More than 90% of these folks say that they’ve discovered new products and brands via YouTube

Idea 1 - Holiday Fun Fact Video

  • Create a video of share-worthy fun facts and trivia that your target audience will find interesting.
  • Research exciting tidbits about some pieces from your holiday collection.

EXAMPLE: National Geographic Kids shared an interesting fact about 50 Million crabs that annually migrate to Christmas Island in Australia.

Idea 2 - Holiday Prank Video

  • Celebrate the holidays on a more hilarious note by planning and executing an epic prank video for your company.
  • Make sure that this is done delicately out of harmless fun.
  • Brainstorm with your team and come up with something that everyone would love to watch.

EXAMPLE: Give each of your family a terrible present.

Idea 3 - Holiday Travel Vlog

  • Think of the essence of your company to see if items from your holiday range can be of interest to travel enthusiasts.
  • Consider a collaboration with several travel bloggers/vloggers to feature one of your brand’s products on their holiday trips.

EXAMPLE: Holiday packing rituals featuring some of the company’s products.

Idea 4 - Holiday Recipe Video

  • You can feature several easy homemade recipes for your brand’s video channel for particular holidays.
  • This is a perfect way to stimulate the thoughts of a holiday meal that your customers may like.

EXAMPLE: Christmas Special Recipe

Idea 5 - Holiday Pet Video

  • You can feature video clips of entertaining animals (your pet) doing crazy things over the holidays.

EXAMPLE: Dogs getting excited over a Christmas present.

Idea 6 - Holiday (Year-end) Recap Video

  • Perfect opportunity to recap your company highlights during the holidays.
  • Share your company achievements, milestones, and major news from the whole year.

EXAMPLE: Compile a list of stories and events that impacted the people and your audience.

Idea 7 - Holiday Greeting Video

  • Create a little holiday greeting video to welcome the start of the occasion.
  • Leave a sincere and thoughtful message on your holiday video.

EXAMPLE: Use well-known songs that will ignite holiday nostalgia.

Idea 8 - Holiday Life Hack Video

  • Create a twist on the usual hack videos and add some holiday touch into it.
  • This is a brilliant opportunity to gain brand recall.

EXAMPLE: Switch roles with your kids and let your kids do the life hack.

Things To Remember

  • Brainstorm and keep your ideas clear.
  • Build on other people’s ideas.
  • Be creative and go outside the box.
  • Address the right information for the right holiday.
  • Keep it simple.
  • There are no dumb ideas.