FEATURE REQUEST Integration w/ Asana

Asana is now allowing for embedded content from select partners inside of the new Project Brief feature in the Overview tab of projects. Loom is one of their partners. Dubb belongs there. I’m hollerin’ and cheerin’, hoping you’ll do what it takes to be one of the featured embed partners (see screenshot)! It would be an explosive exposure and growth opportunity.

Hi @Bryan_TheKickstart, thanks for this vote of confidence! Dubb is already directly integrated with Asana and anytime soon our logo should be popping out there. You can check this resource link to know how this integration works: https://dubb.com/blog/how-to-include-attach-and-share-a-video-in-asana-using-dubb/

Well, the Dubb Chrome extension makes the button overlay show in the comments section of a task, but I’m referring specifically to the ability to embed Dubb videos in the Project Brief area of the new Overview tab.

So, while I appreciate having the Dubb overlay button (see screenshot), I think the direct integration I’m speaking of would need to allow embedding to be comparable to the other app integrations.

@naobis - I’ll clarify with better screenshots:
Currently, the dubb integration is simply an overlay button inside of a task comments area. It does not embed the video. See screenshot:

@naobis - Asana has come out with a new rich media area in their “Project Overview” tab and this is how Loom shows up:

That’s what I would love to see happen with Dubb videos.

Here are the media sources currently allowed:

@naobis and @rubendua - any thoughts on what I shared 2.5 months ago about a full Dubb integration in Asana (which Loom has). Here’s a video of how it works: https://www.loom.com/share/5dc88f4b7b614988844809ae2a175581