Forms & crm help

I am putting a form at the bottom of my videos, I need a way to be alerted when someone fills out the form and then, if not directly emailed the information to me when filled out, I need to have some way of knowing who fills out the form.

In a perfect world, form would be submitted, contact would be entered into Dubb CRM and I would be emailed AND texted the information of the person that filled out the form.

Also how do you delete a contact from Dubb’s CRM?


Hi @michael-salois As of the moment, the only notification that is triggered when someone fills out your form is CTA clicks. We are still looking if the notification when a form is filled can be part of the future developments. Regarding deletion of contacts, please refer to this support article for your guidance: How to Use Dubb CRM Feature | Dubb Help Center

Great news @michael-salois - we designed this and are adding up our next build this month. Stay tuned!

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