Here is the Best Strategy for Livestreaming Video

So you are interested in developing a live streaming strategy!

First, it’s important to ask a few questions:

:goal_net: What is your goal?
:dart: Who are you targeting?
:video_camera: Why should your video be live?
:record_button: How will you promote your stream?

Top tips for a successful Livestream:

1. Identify the right platform for your live stream

  • You can choose the live streaming channel according to your target audience.

  • Re-engage with the audience to automatically get some notifications.

  • All of the main social media platforms allow you to live stream, and the difference between choosing either of them simply comes down to where you have your audience following you.

2. Plan the right content

  • Stay on the objective of the live stream without being distracted.

  • Remember that the first 20 seconds is pivotal to the success of the live stream, the same for all types of videos.

  • Carefully planned openings with a clear objective will be a good start.

  • If your objective is to promote the latest product, then a detailed product demonstration or a comparison of previous models would help showcase the new features.

3. Release a teaser about your live stream

  • To increase the chance of your live stream reaching most of your audience, remember to utilize your social media channels to promote it.

  • You can share a teaser of the live stream 1 month in advance to make the followers more aware, and give them more time to share the stream on their feed.

  • Start counting down 1 week, then 3 and 1 day before the actual live stream

4. Set up proper equipment for live streaming

  • Use a professional camera to ensure the best outcome.
  • A source of video or audio content
  • A streaming website or a platform where people can watch your stream
  • A device that will transform the content into the appropriate format – and encoder - might be too hard.
  • You can have plenty of different goals for your streams, from driving sales