Here’s Why You Should Use Videos On Your Landing Pages

What Is A Video Landing Page?

  • A static webpage dedicated to a marketing campaign or offer that uses a video to convert visitors.

Why Should You Use Landing Page Videos

  • Adding video can increase conversion.
  • Product video helps customers with their buying decisions.
  • Watching a video increases customers’ likelihood to buy.
  • Helps increase users’ understanding of your product or service.
  • Captures attention.
  • Educates prospective customers.
  • Drives conversion.

How To Create A Video Landing Page

1. Establish a goal

2. Select the type of video
Explainer, Demo, Product, Testimonial, etc.

3. Select a software

  • Hubspot, Mailchimp, etc.

4. Decide where to put your video

  • Beginning, Middle, End
  • This can help support your written content

5. Create your video

  • Make sure to include an effective CTA

6. Embed your video

Tips On Making Your Video Landing Page

  • Keep it short
  • Select/create your thumbnail carefully
  • Add information (texts, graphics, etc,)
  • Check your website/page load times
  • Never use autoplay
  • Execute proper SEO
  • Perform A/B testing

How Long Should They Be?

  • 90-120 seconds can be great
  • If you plan on making 8-minute videos, cut them into sections

Don’t Forget:

  • Make your signup form noticeable but not too loud.
  • Add CTA on your video, and on your landing page.