How do I arrange the CTA list?

Question from a Dubb user through email: Can I change the order of the CTAs and how it would show up on my action page? Can’t figure it out.

Yes, you can change the order of the CTA’s by changing the order in which they appear on the video editing window

Thanks @darius-santos,
Once they are created in a list can they be rearranged?

Great question! I’m wondering the same thing. I entered them in one order, but they are appearing in the reverse order. Can’t figure out how to change them back!

Currently, re-ordering CTAs can happen on the edit page, but they have to be re-added. We just added “Re-order CTAs” to our roadmap so users don’t have to re-add them. Thanks for this! @annetteszobar and @RussJohns!

Update: Here’s how it would work.


Brilliant and thanks for the update @rubendua

Update, this feature has been available since shortly after this posts creation!

Reorder your CTA’s to your hearts content!