How to be Comfortable on Video

Look and Feel Comfortable On Video

The truth is that being yourself is one of the magical keys to being confident and engaging on camera. Even the most experienced speaker can get nervous in front of the camera. The thing is, even the most successful streamers used to be nervous on camera at the beginning of their careers.

Putting together some of the most effective tips for you to become confident on camera so you can stop wasting your energy and start fully enjoying what you love doing;

1. Talk to yourself.

  • In the car on your way to work, in the shower, while at home, maybe even at the grocery store if you don’t mind a few funny looks, pick a topic and just talk.
  • The more you get used to hearing yourself speak, without interruption or input, the easier and ; more natural it will feel when it comes time to get the cameras rolling.

Tip: Choose a random topic (or better yet, let someone else pick the topic) and talk for two whole minutes, even if it’s nonsense or completely made up.

2. Practice

  • You can practice with a script or simply have a conversation with a friend or yourself.
  • Look for things to improve upon, such as body language and expression. These are easy fixes that go a long way.

3. Find space.

  • You’ll want to make sure that this space has proper lighting, acoustics, all those good things, but don’t pick a studio just because it has the best of everything!

4. Plan your Content

  • Know your topic and the points you want to touch on
  • Have fun, be natural and let the words flow.
  • Add a simple Call To Action
  • Let your recipients know how to reach you, or ask your viewers some questions.

5. Dress for success.

  • Pick an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Do your hair, makeup and maybe trim those nose hairs — that camera can get up close and personal.
  • Confidence is always key.

6. Be Prepared

  • Hence, it is a good idea to write down the main topics you’d like to cover on your stream. Ideally, you want to have a full script so you don’t ever stumble. But make sure you leave some space for a few improvisations. This way, you will look more natural on camera, making your stream feel more alive.
  • Create a powerful intro

7. It’s OK if you mess up.

  • Nobody expects it to be perfect.
  • The authenticity and sincere nature of live videos help endear your audience to you.

At the end of the day, just have fun! Everybody has something to share, so go spread your message.

Bonus Tip: Record until satisfied! :movie_camera:

Keep this thought in mind and record test videos of yourself. This way, you can analyze your behavior and get rid of all the flaws you discover. Repeat this process until you are fully satisfied with your performance. Just don’t be overly meticulous!

Also, consider using Scheduler. This amazing tool can schedule and stream your pre-recorded videos on any platform. Just upload the video, choose when and where to stream, and enjoy your free time. Simple as that!

The most important part is to find your style, determine what suits you best, and detect what resonates best with your audience. What matters the most when trying to get that camera’s confidence is being consistent and believing in yourself along the way.

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