How To Boost Your Email Open Rates With Videos

What Is Email Marketing?

  • A highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers.
  • A fast, flexible, and cost-effective way of reaching new customers and retaining existing customers.
  • It involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations.

Why Include Videos?

  • Video is an extremely popular medium in marketing.
  • Can engage your subscribers and increase your conversions.
  • Allows you to tap into the imagination of an audience that absorbs information visually.
  • Can lead to a 300% increase in email click-through rates.

Ways To Use Videos

1. Display company culture with a video

  • You can subtly promote your products within a display of company culture.
  • You can film a short video of the product’s daily value if you can to bring attention to your new product launch.
  • Bring them straight to your YouTube channel.

2. Announce a product launch

  • Let your existing subscribers know first.
  • Dedicated customers can express their interest in the product and bring in that word-of-mouth marketing.

3. Send a newsletter with a video

  • Video embeds can catch up with subscribers on the content they may have missed.
  • Include a video in your newsletter with a corresponding blog post about what significant event happened in your company recently.

4. Don’t forget to include video in your subject line

  • Try including “Video” or a corresponding emoji in your subject line to entice subscribers to open it.
  • Embed the video in the email in a place that keeps readers interested.
  • Placing it near the end invites readers to keep reading to better understand the video.

5. Bonus content

  • Using emails to give subscribers bonus content.
  • If you recently had an interview with a famous influencer from your niche, provide your customers with teaser videos.
  • Add links to the full video.

6. Enable autoplay without sound

  • When viewers click your thumbnail in the email, they’ll expect the video to play instantly.
  • Viewers get frustrated when they are redirected from another site just to watch the video.

7. Add GIFs to your marketing emails.

  • Short and sweet almost always wins.
  • Cutting the video altogether may be the best move.
  • Can be easily inserted into your email template.

8. Add video captions

  • Most videos these days are watched with the sound off.
  • Make sure your video has captions so that they can still get the message.

Kinds of Emails to Put Video In

  • Targeted emails
  • Event invites
  • Event follow-ups
  • Customer communications
  • Email signatures
  • Newsletters


  • The more personalized your videos, the better.

You can use videos to:

  • provide news roundups
  • advertise events
  • provide event follow-up
  • explain products
  • announce a new release
  • offer a tutorial.
  • Pick the right video marketing platform to make your work easier.