How to Create Video Content that Drive Sales

Not sure where to begin or what content to create?
Here are Tips:

Prospecting Videos

  • This is the first stage in the sales process. You’re approaching people who might not know your company at all (Cold outreach) or those who are aware of your company (may have been in your nurturing sequence.)
  • The main goal of this stage in the process is to kick-off a relationship that will lead to a sale. This can be positively impacted by video by helping you stand out from others.
  • Most sales emails look the same – a mass email sent out to a list, with zero or minimal personalization (besides your first name and company name).
    • Including a video in your sales email immediately sets you apart from the rest.
    • It’s more effective if personalized by showing the prospect’s LinkedIn page or a whiteboard with their name in the thumbnail
    • Keep it short! Your message should answer these questions
      • Who you are.
      • Why you are reaching out.
      • Provide immediate value.
      • Ask them a question about them or their company to prompt a response.

Discovery Videos

  • This is the opportunity to dive deeper into your prospect’s goals and challenges and show how your organization could solve these problems.

  • Save time from back and forth via email. Record a personalized video when you get off the call where you;

    • Recap the discussion you had
    • Confirm their goals and objectives
    • Review any major questions that may have come up, and clearly lay out the next steps.
  • Create Playlists to show your prospect powerful sales videos

    • Include a quick personalized video at the beginning of the playlist explaining what the videos are covering and why they will be valuable to watch.
    • Include "80% videos” – Take questions that your sales team consistently get during their sales conversations and break them up into short, easy-to-digest videos.
    • Also, include social proof/testimonial videos.
    • Include Product/Service Demo Videos
  • Use Video When Sending Your Proposal

    • Go over what’s included in the proposal.
    • Why each of those items is included.
    • How your proposed action plan is going to help them reach their goals and challenges.
  • Send transition videos

  • Send Follow-Up Videos