How to Drive Video Adoption in Your Sales Team

The Advantages of Driving Sales with Video Content

Why is video content such a high performer when it comes to grabbing the audience’s
attention in content marketing? The answer to that question lies in its versatility and
accessibility as a communication medium. Video content can be watched and
understood by far more people than text and blog posts, even if they are not native

By introducing video content to your marketing strategy in the efforts to drive sales, you will also
gain a plethora of practical advantages going forward:

:white_check_mark: Higher engagement and conversion rates
:white_check_mark: Higher SEO ranking and better search engine placement
:white_check_mark: Increased website traffic and ad monetization opportunities
:white_check_mark: Omnichannel video-sharing possibilities across the web
:white_check_mark: High return on initial video content production investment

Tactics to Drive Sales with Video Content

  • keep your videos short and understandable
  • Keep your message focused on an end-result

2. Implement a Multi-Channel Approach

3. Format your video scripts

  • a great way to increase your message’s efficiency and clarity for online viewers.
  • outlining the video script before filming anything will allow you to add
  • multilingual subtitles to the video to further drive international sales.

4. Address costumers feedback via video

  • Video content can be a great communication channel in which you can answer
    pressing customer questions, offer news on the latest products and
  • You will effectively invite viewers to stay informed about your business and
    subsequently, convert into customers once they are satisfied with the

5. Showcase Products and Social Proof

  • It builds credibility for your business.
  • ask satisfied customers to create short video clips of them stating how satisfied they are with your business and products.
  • Edit it into videos which can then be used to showcase how trustworthy and
  • high-quality your business is towards its customers.

6. Cap Videos Off with CTA

  • Videos without CTA often perform poorly due to a lack of direction or instruction for the viewer.
  • Anything from “click to find out more” or “subscribe today for a special offer” can
    work as your CTA – choose one that suits your business.

3 Ways Sales Teams Use Video Content to Drive Business

Lead scoring and qualification.

  • Not only has video content been proven to increase the effectiveness of email
    marketing campaigns, but it can also help sales teams learn more about the
    audiences they are trying to sell to.

Closing deals

  • Video also offers an effective way to follow-up with potential customers after a
    meeting or initial contact. Why? Because everyone sends follow-up emails to
    prospects after a meeting or presentation. Video helps reps stand out from the
    pack and make a more impactful impression with clients.

Post-sales communications.

  • The deal may be complete, but the relationship with the customer has only just
    begun. Following a sale, reps can send along video presentations to help new
    customers get the most out of their offerings (product demos, best practices, etc.).