How to Record a Company Culture Video

Checklists in recording Company Culture Video

  • Be clear on your goals. Things like;
    • Target audience
    • Your budget for the video
    • Company size
    • Core values
  • Write your script and review it with your team
  • Practice a few times
  • Record the video
    • Be real and authentic
    • Employees can quickly record videos on their phones with the Dubb mobile app
    • Try to include some level of humor
  • Edit and refine

Things to avoid

  • Telling too many stories.

    • Avoid distracting scenes and trying to fit many stories/narratives in one short video.
  • Avoid trying to sell in the video

    • The video should focus on your culture, not your product. Avoid giving reasons why prospects should buy your product.
  • Not telling a story.

    • Instead of telling viewers about specific benefits, opportunities, or the fun stuff you do after work, show them.
    • Give room for the viewer to picture themselves going through the experience.

Where to use and share company culture videos

  • Website and Blog
    • About us section
    • Career page
  • Social media
    • Company social media pages
  • Email newsletter