How to Use Video to Get More Software Sales

:white_check_mark: Take stock of your marketing funnel:

Supercharging software sales through video requires you to take a close look at your marketing funnel. Make sure that you are appealing to prospects at different points of your funnel.

:white_check_mark: Address your audience’s pain points:

This requires you to be empathetic. Step into your audience’s shoes and make sure that your video content is directly addressing problems that your audience frequently encounters.

:white_check_mark: Leverage screen recordings:

Screen recordings can be a fantastic way to increase your software sales. Rather than using words, you can physically show your audience how your software works.

:white_check_mark: Create a content schedule:

Instead of an ad hoc content schedule, sit down with your team and agree on how you will consistently release content. This will lead to higher audience engagement.

:white_check_mark: Don’t be afraid to show your personality:

While the business world can be overly serious, don’t hesitate to show your human side. It will help you build personal relationships with your prospects.

:white_check_mark: Use personalized videos:

Personalized videos can be extremely effective ways to sell your software to prospects. Better yet, you can use a tool like Dubb to create high-quality videos at scale.

:white_check_mark: Appeal to #WFH:

When pitching in your videos, don’t be afraid to reference the work from home movement. Show how your software makes it easy to run a distributed team.

:white_check_mark: Data is your North Star:

Both during and after you create video content, make sure that you are tracking audience engagement. This way, you’ll avoid content your audience dislikes and create more content that your audience loves.

:white_check_mark: Consider social media ads:

Social media ads can be a great way to get your videos in the hands of prospects. Using sophisticated targeting tools on platforms like Facebook, you can effectively identify prospects who are likely to buy from you.