How To Use Videos To Hire Top Talents

What Are Recruitment Videos?

  • A video for attracting candidates to a role.
  • Could be one general video about an open position.
  • Or a one-to-one video message to someone who you think is a perfect fit.
  • The perfect tool for filling niche roles in a talent market like today’s.

Benefits of Recruitment Videos

  • Speeds up time to hire
  • Creates a better candidate experience
  • Reduces cost to hire
  • Showcases company culture
  • Builds more trust with candidates
  • Inserts emotion into an otherwise formal process
  • Increases retention with top performers
  • Increases referrals in a crowded talent pool

Four Types of Videos for Recruiting

1. General Announcement Recruiting Videos

  • Explain why your company is such a great employer in a format that’s more likely to be noticed.
  • You can make general announcement videos feel personal with video personalization.

2. Culture Videos

  • Any video that shows off your company’s personality.
  • Can feature a montage of team events, interviews about what it’s like to work there or recount the company’s history.

3. Open Job Posting Videos

  • You could make one video about multiple postings, or one video for each posting.
  • Feature the CEO or the hiring manager.
  • The greatest advantage to open job posting recruitment videos is the reach.
  • You can increase your applicant network awareness by 10 times.

4. One-to-One Candidate Videos

  • Record and send a personal video directly to a candidate.
  • Allows you to be candid and ramble a little without fear of being misinterpreted.


  • Speak directly to them, as if you were there in-person
  • Start with whatever’s most likely to interest them
  • Use personal details so they know it’s not just a generic recording
  • If discussing sensitive information, password-protect your videos

Ways and Tips That HR Can Engage and Hire Top Talent

  1. Video Branding
  2. Improve with analytics
  3. Use personalized videos to get talents
  4. Enhancing recruitment videos
  5. Use interactive video elements to conduct candidate assessment
  6. Mark out the most engaged candidates
  7. Easy grasp of culture fit
  8. Share video interview
  9. Increase application rates with calls to action
  10. Store and repurpose videos

How to Write a Recruiting Video Script

Answer these questions:

  • Why should the candidate be interested?
  • Why are you interested in the candidate?
  • What do they need to know about this opportunity? (E.g. Urgency, many applicants)
  • How can they take action?

How to Get Started with Recruitment Videos

  • Your smartphone or computer and the will to record.
  • USE DUBB!!