Is Dubb best for a video contact?

Question from a Dubb User on our Facebook Page: I love Dubb and I’m about to invest in the Pro account. Before I do though, please can I get your advice? I am a trainer. I deliver courses and coaching in Sales (Recruitment), Video and Physical Presence (I trained at the Guildhall and worked at the RSC) and I produce conferences. I want to create material for Sales and Video and keep them separate. I also want to make the videos a subscription service to my clients. Is Dubb best for this, or should I stick with my LearnWorlds account (not as friendly and good vibe as Dubb)? Many thanks.

Thank you so much for the question. Dubb is not ideal as a subscription service for a video contact. We recommend Patreon for this. That said you can use Dubb in conjunction to send personalized, campaign, and automated video messages to attract people to your content. Some examples would include webinars masterclasses, and one to one video messages (via Gmail, LinkedIn, social, and SMS).

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Dubb would be great for hosting, organizing, and delivering your videos, but there is not a system set up for recurring subscriptions at this time.
We have many other clients who host and deliver their course videos, trainings, etc through Dubb.

But LearnWorlds is more specific platform to hosting your courses and “school” itself

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