Keep Getting 'There is something wrong' message


I hoping someone can help me resolve the following issue.

I’m new to Dubb and have already uploaded 68 video files to share on my website. Things were going very well until today.

I tried to drag and drag a video file to upload to Dubb today and every time I tried a popup error message appeared that told me “There is something wrong.” I tried two different web browsers and other videos but get the same error message. I also tried to upload a video without drag and drop and got the same error message.

Anyone with a solution would be greatly appreciated.

Hey there, yesterday I was having the same issue. Today it seems to work fine. It might have been a glitch on the server side.

Thanks… You appear to be right. I got back into my Dubb account the next day and was able to upload my videos. Perhaps it was some kind of glitch as you stated. I contacted support to get their explanation of what the issue might be.

Hi everyone! Apologies for the inconvenience. This issue has been resolved, can you please try uploading again and let us know if any error message appears. Thanks! - Michaela from Dubb