Lightbox for videos which are not auto-playing


Can product management team please consider adding ‘Lightbox’ effect to Dubb functionality?

If I have a video embedded into a page and it is configured not to play automatically then when it is clicked on then the video would pop up and increase to the standard pre-set size and dark background will cover the rest of the screen. This way we can steal the focus and attention of the site visitor and make him immerse in the content of the video. There are plenty of open source Lightbox libraries available. It is easy to achieve also with plugins for WordPress, however they all play Youtube videos while Dubb gives us freedom from Youtube.

Thank you

This would function better as a thumbnail embed that triggers a light box video embed. The problem with doing this through a video embed is that it’s unnecessarily code heavy.

If we did this it would probably an entirely new embed option. Thoughts?

Exactly, a thumbnail of the size of user choice. You are right, it should not be an embedded video but a thumbnail, however the code behind the thumbnail should call for a script that will explode (bring to front) the player and blank the screen behind it. The JS code may sit on your CDN. Anyway, when you do an embed as a widget it is a script.

This is an eye-candy thing but it may increase your platform’s attractiveness and popularity.

Dubb people,

Did you have a chance to go through this feature request and decide whether you will do it or skip?