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I note when I watch the Linkedin integration video it lists (messaging, comments, connection request, Sales Navigator and Recruiter) the video only shows examples of how to use DUBB in the first three items listed. I assume they don’t have accounts or don’t feel it’s needed to show examples of how to use DUBB with either Sales Navigator or Recruiter.

My question then becomes the value to use DUBB to us becomes can we use our Sales Navigator and Recruiter tools like we always would but DUBB allows us to add video to those connection requests?

If not, please explain to me what DUBB does related to Sales Navigator and Recruiter,



Yes the extension works the same exact way in each part of LinkedIn, comments, messages, recruiter, navigator, etc
When you click the Dubb button it gives you access to your library and recorder etc

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Thanks very much appreciate the follow up.

I apologize in advance for reopening this wound, but when I passed along the answer given to my team they felt the question I asked was not clear enough and have asked me to try again, so the long winded question below is what they want to know. Again, apologies.

"The reason Linkedin users utilize Sales Navigator with external tools ranging from email marketing to lead generation to video marketing platforms and services is that it allows a user to utilize multiple filters in order to create a list of existing (1st connection) and/or potential contacts (2nd/3rd connections). When we do create that list it generates a very long URL in which we can add that URL to those various services and platforms so that messages, emails, etc. can be sent to the entire list in bulk. Of course each of those services and platforms regulate how many messages or emails can go out on Linkedin as bulk.

Your web site lists Linkedin premium tools Sales Navigator and Recruiter, yet your video only addresses Linkedin from a user home page login for individual messages and comments. It never addresses or shows how Sales Navigator or Recruiter are utilized.

If your previous explanation that it works the same - one message or comment at a time, it makes no sense why you would state can use Sales Navigator or Recruiter. If it is individual messages only, why would anyone utilize those premium Linkedin tools with Dubb?"

Jay, I run a lead gen growth agency specializing almost exclusively in LinkedIn/Sales Navigator and I want to help you here but it’s still a bit confusing. Let’s start with this: what exactly is your end goal, the result or outcome that you are looking to achieve? Keep it as basic and simple as possible. “I want to be able to do XYZ so that I can get X result”

We utilize a multichannel strategy with all our clients including one of the top LI automation and CRM platforms (we can “pull” all the data and use Sales Nav + email + specific cadences/sequences, etc.). But, we also are very anti-automation in the sense that there’s a fine balance between that and “personalization”. This is where Dubb personalized 1:1 vid strategy shines and differentiates you from the rest of the automation bots and canned messaging that prospects can sniff out a mile away. Keep in mind, LI/Sales Navigator is not about marketing or prospecting to the masses (that’s what email marketing and funnels are for), it’s about personalization, nurturing relationships and building trust with your highly targeted ideal client profile lead lists you should be building inside of SN.

Yes, you certainly can create an evergreen VSL asset using Dubb and then deploy that URL within your campaigns with a CTA, however, I wouldn’t advise using that strategy for prospecting your lists in SN. Personalized 1:1 videos to each prospect will yield you HUGE response rates, conversions and ROI compared to mass marketing approach. The advantage of having SN & Recruiter is that you can take advantage of InMails, which “act like” email messaging, so you CAN use Dubb in SN Messaging by copying and pasting the URL directly in the message. If you want to learn more or I can be of further value in any way, connect with me on LI, I’d be happy to help:

Hey Rob, to be totally honest with you I don’t fully know what they are looking for. I am basically the middle man the partners at the firm as asking me can it do this or that and I felt we had a good answer the first time, they felt I wasn’t detailed enough. If you don’t mind I am going to copy and paste your reply across to them and see the answer it provides. I want to thank you either way for taking the time reply with such detail it is very much appreciated

Jay, totally understand and I know exactly how you feel. Getting dialed in with LI/SN and how to integrate personalization vs automation vs video vs messaging, etc. is an area of expertise I’ve been able to master over time, specifically for the professional services industry, in fact, that’s 97% of our business. But, at the end of the day, the primary result or outcome the partners of your firm are looking for is “just make it rain new clients” period. It’s by far the #1 problem we help solve and close behind at #2 is leveraging LinkedIn/SN to target referral partners who have relationships with your ideal client profile and working out deals with them. Let me know if I can help your firm in any way, I’d be happy to hop on a strategy call with the partners, not a pitch and nothing to sell, just an opportunity to see if we can add any value to what you’re already doing to drive traffic, lead gen and marketing with Dubb, LI and SN. LMK

Here’s a link to a brief value video with some free tips, strategies and additional resources you are free to share if you find it helpful in any way: How to Grow 6 to 7-Figure Books of Business Using the Power of Lead Generation & 1:1 Video Prospecting on LinkedIn

I booked a call with you tomorrow afternoon.

Sounds great, Jay, looking forward to it.