Low Engagement from Warm and Cold Opens?

Curious to see what sort of engagement people are getting using Dubb for both warm and cold leads…

I’ve been recording custom greeting messages to people that I’ve either recently connected with on LinkedIn, as well as similar content posting to warm leads looking to book a catch up call…

Not only am I seeing really low return on people following through on the CTA’s I have embedded, but I’m actually seeing extremely low rates of opens and watches of the content.

My messages are all custom/non-evergreen, friendly and shot with a greenscreen etc (so have high curb appeal) but I’m not even seeing people bother opening or watching via the link that’s embedded in the LinkedIn message.

Love to hear from others using Dubb in a similar fashion (vs the automated stuff), as well as hoping to generate a conversation around why people are still hesitant to click on a video link.

FYI I’ve posted this in LinkedIn as well if you prefer to engage with the post there, but I won’t be calling out Dubb in particular on that platform, just generating a conversation around video content - I have a number of amazing copywriting pros on there who have already started weighing in!!

I’m seeing the same thing unfortunately from the handful I’ve sent out. I’m going to continue to use them and hopefully interactions increase.

I’m not using a green screen but am smiling / waving at the camera, being friendly and not making any pitches.

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