Many Dubb videos injected into my video library


Can someone from Dubb comment on how a bunch of tutorial/marketing videos got injected into my video library without asking? I appreciate your desire to educate however all of a sudden it became very crowded in the video library!

Hi coretech, video tutorials are automatically sent to our new users. You have the option to delete them by clicking on the three dots below the video and selecting delete. Let us know if this works.

I see, indeed, I invited a new user to my Dubb account and this explains how the videos came up in the lib. If I invite someone else the same videos will again come back? If so, I think it is better to send an email to the new users with a link to your video page where they can watch them.

Hi coretech, deleted videos will not reappear on your profile. New Dubb users will have their own copy of the tutorials. Let me know if you’ll be needing any other support.