March 9, 2023 LIVE Real Estate Workshop

  1. (5 minutes) Warm up. Your Goal Today. GET LEADS and CLIENTS NOW

  2. Record your calendar booking video

1. 2 MINUTE PRACTICE! Record a 1 minute video calendar video
  1. Make sure your calendar CTA is configured
1. Use Google as public calendar link
  1. Best way to get clients now are
1. Send your person personalized 1:1 videos

  1. Use mobile app
  2. Use desktop app
  3. Use website
  4. Use Chrome Extension
  5. 2 MINUTE PRACTICE! Do a 1 minute video to a hot prospect! Use the teleprompter or go ad hoc. Just get it done!

2. Video email newsletter campaign (Pro Tip)

  1. Record your newsletter / market update video
  2. Add title, subject line and body
  3. Add inclusion / exclusion tags (make sure your tags are organized)
  4. Send or schedule
  5. 2 MINUTE PRACTICE! Record a quick newsletter video! Use AI for script) Use the teleprompter or go ad hoc. Just get it done!

3. Social media posting with Bio Link and Home Value increase / How to find your next home with a great agent / video offer

  1. Record a social bio link video(maybe pro tip to leave space above head or to the sides for graphics or text etc in vertical - we play one of our videos we have done as an example)

    1. 2 MINUTE PRACTICE! Record your bil link video NOW

  2. Record an educational video (Use AI for script) - maybe show example in IRA: “write a real estate newsletter” - then show the result
  3. Add a form with notifications ON
  4. Add form CTA
  5. Link form to the video
  6. Place your bio link in your social channels
  7. Let’s practice
  1. (2 minutes) Q&A and what do you want to see next week?
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