Mobile video and template does not show videos

Hi the Dubb video is not working for the iPhone.
The template is just a gray screen with no video or content.

This link is your video

I have two Dubb accounts.
I tested and it does not work for both

Have the same problem when sending the email, FB messenger and Linkedin message on mobile.

The video / theme works fine on desktop.


It not in chome it’s in mobile. I’ve check on both my phone and asked others to check also.

Chrome is working fine.

I first notice when someone told me the video does not work in Linkedin message.
I’ve check on both my phones and have the same issues

Attached is a screen capture of one of Dubb’s training video by Toni.
It shows a blank gray screen.

Kindly please check on your iPhone. Thanks

Hi joetran, apologies for the late reply. I would like to confirm if this issue is resolved already. Thanks