More Fabulous Filters!

Hi Dubb Video Team! :wave:

I’m absolutely in love :heart: with your mobile app – it’s a game-changer in video marketing! :rocket: But, I’ve got a tiny request :pray: that could make our video experiences even more stellar. :milky_way:

Could we possibly add more filters, similar to the ‘Fresh light’ filter? :star2: The ‘smoothing’ filter is already amazing (kudos for that! :clap:), but imagine having a wider range of options to play with! :art: More filters mean more creativity and fun, which equals more engaging videos for our audience! :star_struck:

And hey, why not extend this magic to the desktop app and browser recorder too? :computer::globe_with_meridians: That way, we can create consistently awesome videos, regardless of the device we’re using. :robot::sparkles:

I know you folks at Dubb Video are wizards :man_mage: in making our video marketing dreams come true. So, here’s hoping you can sprinkle some of that magic on this request! :rainbow::crystal_ball:

Thanks a bunch! :raised_hands:

Thanks for this request, Jai. We’ll bring this up to the dev team.

Thanks Yna You are the best