Myths that You Must Overcome in Creating Videos

Myths About Using Video For Sales

8 Common Video Marketing Myths

1. We Don’t Have Time to Create Video
● Thinks video is difficult
● Videos are much easier to create
● Companies creating videos has increased by 254% over 2019
● No need ton of resources

2. We Can’t Afford Video
● These are the most common myths
● 59% of companies spend less than 10% of their budget
● Budget-friendly high-quality video
● Inexpensive and free tools available
● Doesn’t have to be a gigantic production

3. We Need Actors for Video
● Anyone can be in a video
● Authenticity is everything
● Don’t need training or experience
● Be yourself
● Encourage a judgment-free video

4. We Need a Professional to Produce Video
● Don’t have to be expert
● No need to be a professional videographer
● 45% of companies rely on their team
● Use available tools and software
● Dubb makes it easy to record and share

5. We Need a Complete Video Strategy Before We Start
A simple and clear strategy can do.
● S – Specific
The goal should be specific.
● M - Measurable
The goal can be used to measure its success.
● A - Attainable
The goal should be within reach.
● R - Result Oriented
The goal should be relevant to objectives.
● T - Time Bounded
The goal should have a timeframe

6. Video is Only Useful For Top of Funnel

Videos can be used in the entire buyer journey – from prospecting down to
demo and testimonial collection.**
Can be applied in;

1. TOFU (Top of the Funnel)
2. MOFU (Middle of the Funnel)
3. BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel)

Top 4 Purposes of Video
● Brand awareness
● Lead generation
● Customer education
● Buyer education

7. If My Video Doesn’t go Viral, There’s No Point
● Doesn’t need to go viral to be considered successful
● The goal is to get in front of a specific audience
● It’s a matter of quality over quantity.

8. I Can’t Track the ROI of Video, So Why Bother
● Video metrics gives the power to improve
● Technology makes tracking video easier
● 73% of businesses now use some sort of video analytics
● Having the ability to measure your videos increases your ROI
● Use Dubb to track important metrics

Don’t let myths keep you from creating videos for your marketing and sales