Name variables in CTA similar to campaigns pulled from dubb forms (Hyperpersonalization)

Consider showing a prospect a video and directing them to your website, which has their name literally written all over it. Thank you, hyper-personalization and javascript.

In my case, a user is required to fill out a form before watching the video, which includes their first name, last name, e-mail address, and so on.


In EVERY CTA input (dashboard/calls-to-action), there should be a variable option similar to your in campaigns {{first-name}} feature.

For example, links, document titles, buttons, embedding a web page, and so on. When a user fills out a form on the dubb video page, this Container/variable is triggered and replaced.

This will be useful for incorporating external javascript in a url, such as utm hyperef=first-name, and having everything hyperpersonalized via javascript upon your external funnel/website. Dubb will be glued into a super powerful buddy buddy funnel as a result of this.

What do you all think?