Need help creating zaps that work with Dubb + Google Sheets

I’m trying to automate tasks with Dubb and create automation within the platform. It requires me to use Zapier or Integromat and I’m having the hardest time connecting the two. Keep getting a cloudfare error code.

This is what I want to do:

Google Sheet > Create Dubb Contact > Add Contact to automation > Fire Automation

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!!


Hi @dkalakay, check out these tutorial videos for PieSync and Zapier (you can also find these in the learning center):



I’ve reviewed these videos and have implemented the suggested advice. Once I activate the zap, I get this error message:

Please advise on what to do next. Thank you!

Ok, not sure why, but I fixed something using Intergomat and that seems to work. I’m all set. Thanks!

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Great to hear that, @dkalakay!