Outlook Dubb App Not Giving Tracking

Hi. The Outlook Dub track is very convenient indeed. However as per the 2 different detailed tests done, i am figuring out it does not give any tracking at all on the email address that opened up the message. Is this correct?

  • On both tests i used for sharing/testing the same video created in Dubb
  • after finishing each test and watching the Dubb reporting, i was deleting the reporting data of the video, so as to see what would happen with my next test.
  • on both tests i was sending out the Outlook message over wifi and i was clicking/checking out on the recipient’ end by 5G connectivity
  • on the first test in the Dubb Outllok app where it was saying ‘enter recipient’ i was entering recipient and carrying on untill the message was sent. However after viewing/etc the video as the intended recipient, when going to video’s reporting i could see the video was watched 100% (correct reporting) however i could not see in the video page the email address of the recipient
  • on the 2nd test (a) i created a Dubb Contact recipient and (b) used the Outlook Dubb app to create/send the message. After viewing the video, as the intended recipient, and after going back to the Dubb Video page reporting, i could not see the recipient email address that viewed the video. Also when going to the Dubb Contact’s recipient email address, i could see nothing at all on reporting.

So is it correct that the Outlook Dubb App does not give email tracking on video messages and other user’s click/view activity?


Hi @george

It seems as though the tracking may not be being used appropriately.
Make sure you create a contact for that person in Dubb, then enter that persons email for tracking, then email that video to yourself, and watch the video from a different device that is connected to a different internet source, it will show the person who watched and the %

Hi Allyssa,

Thanks for your update.

So, taking in mind the detailed tests I did and the answers of yours of right below, I understand that the Dubb Outlook App does not provide tracking. Is this correct?