QR Code viewed ONLY via a Dubb account?


I am saving a QR Code in .png, but when i scan the qr code i cannot see that video unless i sign in to my dubb account.

This means that if QR Code(s) (with videos behind) are printed on i.e. business cards, banners, etc. then the end user who scans the qr code and knows absolutely nothing about dubb, must create a dubb account in order to view this qr code?

Thanks, cheers.


I did it a different way and it now worked properly (without having to have a dubb account as a 'visitor):

I clicked on share, then QR Code tab, then saved as png file, and now the video behind the qr code loads up properly on the smartphone’s browser (without having to create a dubb account).


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Glad that this is resolved already. Let us know if you’ll be needing any other support. Have a great day!