Reporting For Dubb Sender Email Campaigns


We are working on + scheduling many Dubb Sender campaigns, each campaign heading to different email recipients, getting shot at different dates.

As Reporting is crucially important to us, so that we can measure the effectiveness of our sent Dubb Sender Campaigns:

  • what types of reporting + how, can we run?
    So that we can see out of all the Dubb Sender different Campaigns Sent:
  • who interacted with each campaign,
  • who opened the campaign,
  • who clicked on the campaign,
  • who watched the videos of the campaign,
  • who didn’t open up the campaign, etc?



Here is a video showing a quick overview of how you can get reporting for your campaigns Dubb

Hi, many thanks for your swift replies.

How do we get the non-opened emails of each Dubb Sender campaign please?

By downloading ‘Activity’ report, we perfectly see those who interacted with our campaigns (clicked/opened/view/etc emails).

But we can’t find for each campaign that we sent in the past a report for those email recipients who have not opened our Dubb Sender Campains.


Kind reminder.

Hi, can you please reply us the above from our August question?

We are doing lots of campaigns, so it’s a bit of a problem when we can’t get in the downloaded report, email recipients who have not opened our Dubb Sender Campaings.