Signup with ONE team member also SMS questions

I am assuming Twilio is a good choice to go along with Dubb, but WHAT twilio plan? Is it just a flat signup? Does anyone send lots of text marketing? we are eager to get started.

I’m trying to upgrade, but Dubb is insisting that I am 2 team members (trying to charge double) when I am only one. Please help.

Hey Chris,
I know we have already chatted but for anyone else that might read this:
You buy a $1/mo number with Twilio, and you pay around $0.007 per message (that is 7/10’s of a penny)
Twilio is great and you can get the replies sent to you.

You have to remove the second team member or cancel their pending invitation in order to upgrade with a single user.

For anyone else that might read this, I’m really happy with Twilio. They let you sign up with a complimentary $20 (plenty) of text texting etc. And they are great. Then you buy in chunks of time to go towards your texts. I connected it with Dubb and been using it and things are going along great. As a suggestion for Darius (who already creates GREAT support videos that have helped me a lot) I’d love to see a video that goes thru the process of signing up with Twilio and more detail of using the text process. using text with video is the FUTURE and really gives us an edge with other marketing that gets lost in the noise. thanks Darius!