Stop my videos from being downloaded

I am looking to set my videos that I embed onto my site so that they can not be simply right click and downloaded. At present I am on a paid account of dubb, but inside privacy section there appears no way to set a video truly private so people cannot simply download from my site. Is there anything that can be added to the embed code to disable right click on videos uploaded to dubb?

many thanks

Hi @norfolkfxtrader Do you mean that someone right mouse clicks, inspects the elements, locates the MP4 file in the code, and then downloads it from there? Or do you mean the built-in options to allow video download?

Can you share a URL with an example of this?


Basically, I’m talking about someone can either right click the video and select download a video, or they click inspect page elements and simply click the url of the video on dubb and then just download as well.

I am only referring to right click on the video itself not download feature you can turn on in dubb player.

As example this video on this page- Masterclass – Course Area- Norfolk FX Trader

Soon as the video is started and you right click using google chrome incognito mode you can download the video, I don’t know if you provide this private settings to stop this as other providers do.


No ideas?

Still looking to stop videos being downloaded from embedded onto my site using dubb. So far no answer to someone simply right click on a dubb video and click download instantly from website on any browser?