The One Truth of Creating and Sharing Video Testimonials

Let’s talk about Creating and Sharing Video Testimonials!

  • Over 53% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand they like. This is the reason why 87% of marketers use videos for marketing.

Source: Content Trends: Preferences Emerge Along Generational Fault Lines

  • Users prefer videos over text content.

  • They garner 12 times as many shares on social media as text content.

  • The mobile market is growing rapidly, and videos are among the most widely consumed types of content on mobile devices.

  • Research shows that 85% of consumers look for reviews before making a purchase. Video testimonials by your customers do a great job of persuading people to take action.


So what makes video testimonials essential for your brand?

  1. Video testimonials from your customers make your brand credible and trustworthy.
  2. Customers can explain processes, benefits, and their experience from a different perspective which mostly (if not always) appeals to others.
  3. Customer testimonial videos appear natural and user-friendly. A random person talking about your product is more believable as compared to an ad.
  • Promote your testimonial page on social media, via email, in blog posts, case studies, and in any way you like and update it regularly.

Techniques for using testimonial videos in marketing.

Customer video testimonials in several ways and the best use in marketing. Videos have a 95% retention rate which means people who watch a video remember as much as 95% of it as compared to the text where they only remember 12%.


  1. Social Media

In order to show customer video testimonials to your target audience, you should run an ad campaign on your preferred social media network (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). The ad, in this case, should be short and persuasive.

  1. Landing Page
  • Use customer testimonial videos at multiple stages of the sales funnel. You can use them for awareness and to develop an interest in your product
  • Use it to generate leads.
  • Use it to persuade visitors to buy your product.
  • Or, use it as a random testimonial.
  1. Write a Case Study

Why not convert customer testimonial videos into individual case studies?

  • Each testimonial is a full-fledged case study that helped a customer solve a problem.

  • It’s essential that you convert your best video testimonials into in-depth case studies and share them with your ideal customers.

  1. Email/Newsletter

Sending a recommendation from someone who has used your product has a different impact than you praising your product. Such an email campaign can prove to be a turning point for your business.

Follow these best practices when sending testimonials via email to your subscribers:

  1. should be relevant to email content.

  2. Don’t spam. Don’t overdo. Sending too many testimonial videos is a bad idea.

  3. Focus on email subjects. Make them appealing and relevant to the video you’re sending.

  4. Refrain from embedding videos within the email rather send links. Embedded videos aren’t user-friendly and might not play on all devices. Add a link to review the video.

  5. Make emails personalized and the videos too. Sending a testimonial video of men’s shoes to females is a bad idea. Focus on personalization.

  6. Create a Blog Post

  7. Use video in a blog post to refer to a specific feature the customer has emphasized in the video. This will make your blog post trustworthy and credible.

  8. Create a post featuring the testimonial. Add more content, add value, and make it informative (instead of promotional) for the readers. Video testimonials are often considered promotional, write an informative post to reduce the promotional effect.

  9. Create a roundup post featuring several customer testimonial videos.

  10. Create mini case studies from video testimonials and publish these case studies as blog posts. You can insert the video within the case study.

  11. Use video testimonial links as CTAs. Better yet, create banners and insert them in your blog post and other parts of the website. Link banner ads to the testimonial videos.

  12. Website

  13. Home page

  14. Landing page

  15. Sales page

  16. Testimonial Page

  17. Sidebar

7. Video Streaming Sites

Video streaming sites like YouTube and Vimeo are home to millions of videos and that’s where you can publish your customer testimonials.

More Tips to Use Customer Testimonial Videos in Marketing

  • Webinars

  • Video Ads

  • Podcasts

Sales Funnels - to help ideal customers in decision-making.


These videos play a significant role in sales and revenue. There isn’t any right or wrong way of using these testimonial videos. What’s important is that you’re ready to tweak your strategies and tactics if they don’t work. Good luck out there!