Tips for Making an Effective How-To Video

What Is a How-To Video?

  • It is a video that shows viewers the steps needed to complete a task in order.
  • This format is one of the most popular ways to teach viewers.
  • At the end of the video, the viewer should be able to take the same steps and accomplish what they set out to learn.

Why Is It Popular?

  • When people need to learn a new skill, their first move is usually to check Google and start searching “How to (insert skill I need to know)”
  • Everyone has something to teach!
  • Videos show and tell.
  • People prefer to watch, rather than read.
  • It’s so much easier to watch a video that both visually shows a process and also walks a viewer through the steps.
  • Video builds trust, which is why it leads to generating sales.

How To Make A How-To Video?

  • Decide what niche you would like to focus on.
  • Brainstorm ideas related to your topic.
  • Look for related videos on YouTube or get ideas from the internet.
  • Make sure to add a few of your original content.
  • Create a topic outline.
  • Prepare all the things that you need to show in your video.
  • Start recording.
  • Speak the language of your niche.
  • Edit your videos.
  • Add overlay texts.
  • Use appropriate background music.
  • Upload and share your video.

What Are Some Examples?

1. Explainer Videos

  • Focuses on the “why” question as well as the “how.”
  • A short description (often under two minutes) that shows off a company’s brand, product, or service.
  • A great way to share information and help your viewers understand how you can help solve their problems.
  • Draws attention to the ‘why’ of your product.

2. Software Demonstrations

  • “Product Demo Strategy.”
  • Shows off the features of your company’s product.
  • Draws attention to the ‘how’ of your product.

3. Tutorial Videos

  • “Instructional Videos.”
  • It informs, instructs, and directs viewers on how to do a specific task.
  • Training Videos
  • Makeup Tutorials
  • Workout Videos

Why Should You Start Making One?

  • They can help inform and educate your audience.
  • It shares the value of your offering and convinces your viewers why they can’t live without it.
  • It can draw and generate more sales.
  • When people can see how your product works, they’re more likely to see the benefits.
  • People are better at completing a task when the information is presented via video.
  • Help people see the bigger picture behind your static information.